Prodution Runs
.Receixing information from customers(concept,sample,physical model,2D or 3D data)
.Transforming the information into 3D datamodel by means of CAD system
.To fine correct product design with 3D model assembly and product injection technique analysis
.KBE system and CAE analysis assistance mould design optimization
.Standardparts are purchased from qualified provider
.CNC Milling and EDM manufacturing
.Non-standard parts are manufactured by the qualified partner
.The core and cavity moulds are polished and checking the parts of moulds from supplier and partner to
ensure the quality them
.All qualified parts after machining and polishing work are being assembled
.Mould-Trial and few sample delivery
.Customer's opinion
.Moulds final treatment
.Providing all the injection moulding process parameters and technical guides for customers
.Moulds delivered and customer service provided as agreed